Planters, Trash Bins, Storage, Accessories, & Kids Items

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NOTE: Backyard Etc. has the option of selecting the vendors they choose to purchase from and sometimes these

vendors may make changes to their products without notice. We would like to inform our customers that not all the

products shown are exactly as they are made in every case. Some small changes maybe made by the vendor without

notice to Backyard Etc.


#960 Planter

19"D x 19"W x 18"H


#931 Trash Receptacle

21"D x 22"W x 35"H

#906-P  Cup Holder

Fastens under arm of chair with two screws

#7510 Storage Chest

21"H x 54"W x 27"D

#7511 Storage Chest 

25"H x 78"W x 30"D


#6550 Trash Bin

Fits 10 gallon trash bags

20"H x 16"W x 29"D


Children's Items

#30 Child's Swing

18"H x 23"W x 20"D - 15lbs

Available in 17 colors 

#PI-TaC Childs Table with Benches

Available in 20 colors

Top: 22.25"W x 42"L x 20.5"H

Seat: 11.5"H

#413 Adirondack Child's Chair

Available in 20 colors

#415 Child's Roocker

Available in 20 colors

Fire Pit


#6531 CONV

34"W x 48"L x 24"H

Rectangular Fire Pits


Conversation Height

40"W x 60"L x 24"H



Dining Height

40"W x 60"L x 30"H



Counter Height

40"W x 60"L x 36"H



Pub Height

40"W x 60"L x 40"H



40"W x 72"L x 24"H



40"W x 72"L x 30"H



40"W x 72"L x 36"H



40"W x 72"L x 40"H

Round Fire Pits


Conversation Height

46" x 24"H



Dining Height

46" x 30"H



Counter Height

46" x 36"H



Pub Height

46" x 40"H

Available in standard colors only.

Cover and Glass Guard come standard with every firepit.

Clear crystals are standard with every firepit.

Amber and Aquamarine crystals optional.

Gas log set optional.