Birdhouses & Birdfeeders

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NOTE: Backyard Etc. has the option of selecting the vendors they choose to purchase from and sometimes these

vendors may make changes to their products without notice. We would like to inform our customers that not all the

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notice to Backyard Etc.

Spindle Feeder
Large #SC37

20"W x 24" H

Small #SC38
16"W x 20"H

Octagon Birdhouse 
Large #SC40

20" W x 24" H

Small #SC41
16"W x 20"H

Arch Feeder 
Large #SC42
20"W x 24" H
Small #SC43
16"W x 20" H

Post/Planter: #9001
Comes with 48" treated post w/PVC sleeve     

Large Birdhouse

36" H x 16" W

Small Birdhouse

29" H x 12" W

Small Birdfeeder

29" H x 12" W