Rockers, Chairs, Gliders, & Chaises

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NOTE: Backyard Etc. has the option of selecting the vendors they choose to purchase from and sometimes these

vendors may make changes to their products without notice. We would like to inform our customers that not all the

products shown are exactly as they are made in every case. Some small changes maybe made by the vendor without

notice to Backyard Etc.


#601 Bentwood Rocker

26"W x 40"H x 32"D - 30lbs

#501 Bentwood Table

12"W x 22"H x 20"D - 14lbs

#605 Traditional Rocker

26"W x 48"H, 17"H Seat

#509 Traditional Table

#608 Fanback Rocker

38"H x 28 3/4"W x 37"D


High Tide Rocker

Single Gliders

#204 Bentwood Glider

44"H x 20"W - 50lbs

Bridgeport Collection - 

#201 Glider

29"W x 40"H, Seat 18"H

#207 Bent Poly Glider

26"W x 32"D x 40"H 52lbs.

Swival Gliders

#204S Bentwood Swivel Glider

44"H x 20"W - 61lbs

Bridgeport Collection - 
#201S Fanback Swivel Glider

29"W x 18"Seat x 40"H

Balcony Chairs

Oceanside Collection - 

#158 Pub Chair

28"W x 49"H, Seat 28"H


Oceanside Collection - 

#158c Counter Chair

28"W x 49"H, Seat 24"H


#803 Balcony Chair 

28''D x 26''W x 51''H

Seat: 19''D x 19''W x 25''H


#75c Balcony Counter Chair 

Oceanside Collection - 

#815 Pub Settee w/ Slide in Table

62"W x 28"Seat x 49"H

#160-C  Counter Settee w/ Slide in Table

28"W x 24"Seat x 45"H

Bridgeport Collection - 

#OV815 Bridgeport Pub Chair

29"W x 28"Seat x 33"D

Wave Collection - 

#5010 Adirondack Chair

31"W x 20"D, Seat 20"H


Wave Collection - 

#5021 Swivel Pub Chair

26"W x 30"D, Seat 28"H


Wave Collection - 

#5020 Pub Chair

26"W x 26"D, Seat 28"H


Swival/Pub Chairs

#803/S - Swivel Balcony Chair

49"H x 26"W x 25"D - 75lbs


328D Bistro Swivel Chair


79C Swivel Balcony Chair

Counter Height 

Oceanside Collection - 

#159 Swivel Pub Chair

Seat 28"H, Overall: 49"H x 28"W


159-C Swivel Counter Chair

 Seat 24"H, Overall: 25"D x 28"W


#228D English Garden Swivel


#228C English Garden Swivel


#228B English Garden Swivel


#5021 Wavz Swivel Chair

26" W x 17.5" Seat H x 26" D


Bayshore Collection - 

#6516A Bayshore Swivel Chair w/ Arms


#6516CA Bayshore Swivel Chair w/ Arms


#6516A Bayshore Swivel Chair w/out Arms


#6516CA Bayshore Swivel Chair w/out Arms



Oceanside Collection - 

#1000 Chaise Lounge with Tray

Seat 16"H x 84"L, Overall Width: 27"

Bay Shore Collection - 

#6509 Chaise Lounge

Stacks for easy storage

​25"W x 79"L

#WV1100 Chaises




Oceanside Collection - 
#300 Adirondack

31"W x 42"H Seat 16"H

Oceanside Collection - 
#302 Traditional Folding Adirondack Chair

31"W x 14"H, Seat 39"H

Oceanside Collection - 

#305 Adirondack with Pullout

31"W x 16" Seat x 42"H


Oceanside Collection - 
#R/305 Reclining Adirondack

31"W x 16"Seat x 42"H

#802 Fanback Chair

39"H x 28"W x 27 1/2"D

#78 Bistro Chair

46"H x 26"W x 25"D - 70lbs

Bay Shore Collection -

#6511A Dining Chair 

26"W x 18"Seat x 24"D

With Arms


Bay Shore Collection - 

#6511 Dining Chair

19"W x 18"Seat x 24"D

Without Arms

Bay Shore Collection - 

#6510 Pub Chair 

20"W x 27"Seat x 24"D

Without Arms

Bay Shore Collection - 

#6510A Pub Chair w/ Arms

26"W x 27"Seat x 20"D

#801 Patio Chair

25"W x 24"D x 41"H - 20lbs

#WV977 Keystone Dining Chair

Without Arms

#WV977A Keystone Dining Chair 

With Arms

#WV750 Keystone Bar Chair
​Without Arms

#WV750-PA Keystone Bar Chair

with Arms

#5010 Wavz Adirondack Chair

Ottomans & Footstools

#802 Footstool

Bridgeport Collection - 

#401 Gliding Ottoman

19"W x 17"H

Bridgeport Collection - 

#400 Narrow Ottoman

15 "W x 14"H


#73 Barstool

15 "W x 29"H


​29"H x 16"W

#6646 Saddle Stool

29"H x 20"W