How It's Made

Carefree maintenance promises no need to paint, stain or remove mildew. It is virtually indestructible, unlike cheap throwaway plastic furniture.
We drive all over Amish country to carefully select many unique and quality products to offer you the best value. Not only do we buy from one Amish family, we buy from over 25 different Amish families! So if you do not see what you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask us. We will be glad to help you!

We are helping our world become “GREEN” due to milk jugs being recycled. We specialize in 100% high density polyethylene plastic furniture in
which the color is all the way through with UV stabilizers to prevent fading. This material is not to be confused with other composites
that contain wood by-products.

Don’t worry about losing your chairs to the bottom of the lake. This girl weighs 125 lbs. and it’s holding her up.

This furniture will withstand the harshest environments.

No need to winterize or store away!

The Lumber Profile is first cut with a table saw.

Shapes are then cut out with a ban saw & routered.

Finished cut parts.

Now the assembly process begins.

The Amish purchase the finished products of lumber profiles in pallets already in their recycled state.

How to Clean